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Email marketing for Shopify

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Email marketing for Shopify
April 26, 2020

Email marketing for Shopify

You probably are bombarded with hundreds of emails everyday. To a point, that makes you think that email can't possibly still be channel that is effective. Which I can totally sympathize with...but today, I want to give you a new perspective on the most profitable asset you actually own.

Before I jump into the goodies, I want you to login into your Email Service Provider. For my own brand and our clients we recommend Klaviyo. Open up your ESP and find out how much revenue you are driving from your email marketing efforts. If your email revenue percentage is less than 35% then you can easily improve that number. A higher email revenue percent, means you can scale further, push ads more and be more profitable.

Now that you have your percent of revenue from email I can dive into how we use Email Marketing for Shopify.

I want to go through what EMAIL SHOULD NOT BE

1 - Email is not a one way communication channel

2 - Email blasts shouldn't be used to just drive revenue

3 - Emails should NOT have more than one call to action

4 - Emails should NOT be pretty


So how should you think of email?

1 - Email should be a 2 way communication channel

2 - Email should never be "blasted" with one message to all

3 - Emails must have one clear call to action. Whether you want someone to reply, click a link or purchase.

4 - Emails need to be native to the platform...Think of it this way. When you email your friend, do you design a pretty html email that took you hours to design? Hell no, you send a plain text email saying "Hey Jim, what's up tonight? Want to grab a beer?" As a business, you are no different. Sounds crazy but if you want to crush it with email you have to be native to the platform.

5 - Emails should ask questions that you want answers to. By asking your customers and potential customers real questions, you will actually get answers that can help grow your ecommerce brand and engage your customers. Simple concept that can transform your list when done properly.


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