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how to scale your ecommerce business to over $1 million

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how to scale your ecommerce business to over $1 million
September 5, 2018

How to scale your ecommerce business to over $1 million?

What's up guys? Sully here, co-founder of Ecom growers, and I made a video, not that recently, but it gets a ton of love on how to scale your business, eCommerce business from a 100K to a million in sales.

And I think there's four key things that I go over in that video that you need to delegate, automate, and to get yourself out of the business so you can work on the business. And from that video, a lot of our businesses, eCommerce brands we work with are doing over a million. And there's three things I want to talk about to go beyond a million. How do you actually do this? Now hopefully you got the systems in place, standard operating procedures, all the boring stuff that's going to help you scale. Now, what are those three things? I had to dust off my computer. That's why I hire people that are smarter than me to do most stuff. But let me show you.

All right, so I just want to make it real simple so I just on my computer, hopefully you can see this. There's three things, person, offer and then email. I want to talk about the first one. A person, it's just like what I'm doing right now, I'm putting a person associated with the brand. It doesn't have to be you if you're the founder, you don't have to be the one on video. It'd be best if you are willing to do that. But one of the reasons that we've been so successful on the eCommerce side is that I put myself out there. I remember the first video I did actually one of our best videos ever. I was like, this is the world's worst video. No one's going to watch it. But all you're doing is you're communicating person to person and really my big one line liner I have, got a lot of them, is that people buy from people.

Instead of X, Y, Z corporation, if you can put a face to the brand, people are going to be more comfortable and trust you and feel like they're buying from a person. Because at the end of the day, they really are. And the one thing from an actual today take action is, whatever you're doing, whether it's ads, whether it's email, whether it's on your website, I always end anything with my own personal signature and name so they know they're buying from me. It's just the next level of personalization and attaching a human to a brand that may not seem legit. Next level is to do videos like this, whether you look good on camera. I'm tired today. May not look good, don't have my makeup guy. It doesn't matter. Just have to be a person, attach to the brand because people buy from people. All right, that's number one. Do that, you're already going to kill it.

This is how to go beyond a million in sales. Look at this computer. Does it even work? It's probably backwards too. Anyways, number two, you don't need to see a computer. Throw that thing out anyways, is your offer. A lot of guys and brands get this wrong from what I see. Offer is not, it is your product, but it's your total package you're selling. For us and a lot of our brands, if you sell an individual item, it's really easy to like, oh that's too much, or no, I don't think it's worth that. But it's like, can you package it into an offer that has higher perceived value so the customer, which they should, feel like they're getting more? Versus well it's just the product, that's the price.

You can adjust price. But if you throw in, it could be a free ebook. Another of the same. Two, if you're selling makeup, I don't know why I said makeup, but if you sell makeup, bundle it. Have three makeup jars instead of one. We do that a lot in the golf space and what that does, it helps couple things. Number one, perceived value's higher. Number two, having multiple products is a higher average order value. And that's game changing. Why sell, and I've actually got a friend who sells different sauces and it's like, yo, if you're going to sell one jar of sauce for five bucks, no way you're going to get paid traffic to work or email or anything. It's just not enough scale. Bundle that into a complete offer. Instead of barbecue sauce, let's have a barbecue, Weekend Barbecue Legends kit. You got all your sauces, your, I don't know, your oven mitt, a cool spatula, you could do whatever it is, a whole bundle that's 97 or 197. That's what I mean with offer.

Okay, not, it's not just your product. And it's really hard when you're the eCommerce owner and you're still in the business to see this because you're like, you're obsessed. You're in it. I call it the rabbit hole. You're too deep to see what's going on. We need you out of the rabbit hole, hanging with the turkeys, eagles. Eagles, let's make it eagles.

Last thing is email. Obviously you guys know we do email marketing. That's what Ecom Growers does for other brands. And really, so now if you got a person attached to it and now you've got an offer that works, email's your greatest asset and how we use email and really why this whole thing started is because ads get you traffic, but email makes you profit. Really dialing in your different flows, your different offers, and your person in an email format is going to have higher open rates, higher click rates, higher conversions, and you're going to make way more money.

If you want help with email, if we can help you or whatever. But one actual thing today if I'm doing email, is that's your best way to test your offer. You could do a small segment even to be like, all right, I've got one product I'm selling. Let me try attaching a person and throwing three together and do a small test segment to your best audience. I guarantee you'll find something that you didn't think and it's everywhere I think. That's what I always love. It's never the offer I think that's going to kill it. Do use your email, that's your best asset. That's all your value in your brand and test it out.

Anyways, guys, three things offer or person, offer, email. If you want more details on exactly what that means, feel free to message me or comment below. But if you can do those three things well, you can go back to the basics and then just scale those and you'll go way over a million. It's those three simple things and that's it guys. Hope you enjoyed the video offer, person, email. Kill it today. Thank you.


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